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The Wizard Total Care Program

How do we set ourselves apart? 
We cross the T's and dot the I's

Water Wizard has developed a "14 Point" inspection process to ensure our customers receive the best service possible. This custom check list allows our skilled technicians to learn the nuances of your property and create a maintenance plan customized for you.


The goal is to make your system operate at peak efficiency and prevent further damage in case your system has existing issues. If repairs are needed, we will detail out all the options to get your sprinkler system working properly.

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1) Map out your supply, zones, and overall infrastructure 


2) Inspect the timer, valves, solenoids and other mechanical components


3) Adjust check valves and all water supply protection devices


4) Review timer schedule, adjusting for seasonal variations

5) Adjust manifold valves and solenoids to ensure maximum pressure


6) Manually turn on and secure the irrigation water supply


7) Adjust and check pump prime, function and viability 


8) Inspect rain sensor unit, connectivity, function and operation 


9) Check system plumbing for broken pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads,


10) Adjust sprinkler heads to ensure maximum irrigation coverage


11) Adjust all bubblers, weeping pipe, and drip system for proper coverage


12) Program irrigation control panel for correct zone coverage 

13) Check water quality, iron content, ph and provide suggestions


14) Offer recommendations to keep your system running great

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