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Water Wizard Rust Removal and Rust Prevention 

We remove ugly rust stains caused by rust in your sprinkler irrigation water!

Water Wizard Rust Remover is specially formulated to prevent sprinkler rust stains. Our injection system introduces our rust stain preventer into the sprinkler system while it is operating. 

Remove rust stains with Water Wizard Rust Remover!

We handle everything with our monthly service - Installation, Monthly Maintenance, Delivery, Spot Cleaning, Inspection -

Everything is completely handled by our professional team! 

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What causes rust stains?

If you have well water you probably have ugly rust stains on your driveway, rust stains on walkway, rust stains on trees, rust stains on plants, rust stains on house, rust stains on walls, rust stains on sidewalks. Rust occurs with iron in the water oxidizes in the irrigation water. This reaction is want we commonly see as rust. The rusty iron molecules then travel in the water through your sprinklers. Whatever the water lands on, so too does the rust molecule. As the water drys or runs off, the iron is left behind. It settles onto any surface and because of the pigment, leaves a burnt orange brown color. 


Water Wizard Rust Remover to neutralizes and prevents tough well water rust stains from occurring on most outdoor surfaces. With Water Wizard Rust Remover there is no rubbing or scrubbing is needed. The product bonds with iron and keeps the iron suspended so that it cannot stick to anything.  It basically just falls off whatever it touches and is absorbed into the ground.