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The world is running out of fresh water - Does the Florida aquifer have enough water for you?

Water conservation is extremely important in today's world, specifically in South Florida. Approximately 90 percent of the water used in homes and businesses comes from groundwater sources called aquifers. The remaining 10 percent comes from surface waters such as lakes, community ponds and rivers. By 2024, South Florida’s demand for freshwater is projected to increase to 4.3 billion gallons per day – a 22 percent increase over today’s use. This will reduce the aquifer volume and could put the ecological system in deficit. By trying to conserve water, we can help our environment while saving a bundle of money. Water Wizard does all it can to help customers conserve water, as well as help the environment at the same time. The best way to for you to save money, save the environment and keep your property beautiful is to use Water Wizard Total Property Care.

Water Wizard Total Property Care’s Sprinkler Maintenance division is a critical addition to your home maintenance plan. Having a monthly service ensures that your system is operating at peak efficiency. Water Wizard Sprinkler Maintenance service plan covers the essentials at a surprising low price

- Inspection of the total sprinkler system to include: all pipes, sprinkler heads and valves

- Operating each zone and performing a walk-through inspection of each head for proper operation

- Ensure that watering radius is optimized as best as possible, away from home, windows, cars, sidewalks, driveways.

- Set and adjust timers in accordance to South Florida Water Management Guidelines

- Maintain pumps, lube and grease as needed

Sprinkler Repair is critical to keeping your system running and your plants and lawn healthy. Many landscapers destroy the operational elements when mowing and trimming your yard. They do not repair elements correctly or use cheap and poor quality repair elements, if at all. The reason it’s important to use a licensed irrigation expert like Water Wizard to be code compliant and safe for your system. Knowing how to install and repair correctly also keeps your future costs down. Having a pipe incorrectly repaired can cause a blow out under ground which will cause massive erosion, causing you to not only repair the pipe but then having to purchase yards and yards of soil to back fill the holes underground.

Hiring Water Wizard expert team also free’s up your time, the most valuable asset of your life! Our team is professional, in uniform and trained to be customer first. You do not need to be home at time of service, our team is able to operate your system and repair. For larger issues, we always share our report of the inspection to get your approval before any repairs are done. We are transparent with our service plan, ensuring that you are not just a customer but a partner.

Water Wizard has the ability to service residential, commercial, government and HOA. A major bonus – if we service your HOA community, we offer the residents of that HOA a 20% discount on service and repairs! Call us today to learn more and claim your discount today!

Water Wizard is ready to serve you and look forward to working with you in the future!

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