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  • Tom Stein

Pressure Washing - Keeps your property value high and your family healthy

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Water Wizard Pressure Washing is very important for keeping your home and property valve high and also keeping you healthily. Water Wizard Pressure Washing and Power Washing have two different applications. Pressure Washing using forced water to blast away stains and mold from your property.

Power Washing is an application that uses low pressure and chemicals or detergents to remove stains and mold. Keeping your property clean of mold, algae, dirt and debris is very important to the property value and your health. As these organisms grow, they darken and this is what makes your property look dirty. It is important for your health to remove these, as they can be breading grounds and can cause allergies.

Water Wizard Pressure Washing uses both applications in different situations, depending on the surface to be cleaned. Both applications will remove these organisms if applied correctly. Using a pre-treatment method is also used which allows the mold and fungus to be killed using a cleaning solution that is eco-friendly and contains detergent, degreaser and commercial mildewcide

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