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We install electronic dog fencing, an affordable alternative to conventional surface fencing.

Electronic fences use low voltage wire

buried around the perimeter of your

property. Installation requires trenching,

burying, and wiring...skills we are experts in! 

Our electric dog fence creates a secure

boundary to keep your pets safely in your yard and away from places you don’t want them, such as gardens, swimming pools and driveways.  Your pets can run, play and exercise so they stay happy and healthy.  

                                                     A rechargeable collar comes with the system, is                                                         water proof and contains a beep or buzz warning                                                       before moving to one of the static stimulation                                                             levels. You can choose which level of warning                                                               you need based on your dog and needs!


We install many of the leading dog fence brands and are ready to install one for you today!


Call to receive our product catalogue and free estimate

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