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About Us

25 years of knowledge, 

Re-powered with todays technology 


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Water Wizard started in 1996 out the back of a yellow Jeep by a guy named John. For 25 years, John grew Water Wizard into a major provider of Irrigation and Rust services in South Florida.


Today, Water Wizard has a new vision.

Women Owned and Operated, we combine decades of experience with cutting edge technology to bring our customer service to a whole new level. We are passionate about the environment and are committed to saving our planet's most precious resource - WATER! Our eco-friendly solutions can save your family at least 40% annually over conventional watering methods. You save money and help us save the Earth's water, it's that simple!


Customer Focus:

  • Real time communication via text, email and phone

  • Job updates, photos and videos

  • Better repair accuracy reduces down time

  • Remove Job Surprises, ensure our partners are in the loop

Our customer is our number one priority. 

Give us a chance to WOW you today!